About Us

About Us

Bright Bharat group is a group of companies that is actively pursuing its goal to transform the lives of rural people by giving them urban class facilities in their own village!
The group was legally registered in Oct 2018 but the group has an experience of past four years in the development of the rural class through their various initiatives. These initiatives have taken form of different companies each with a different portfolio.

    The group has different companies with different portfolio like:



Bright Bharat was started with the aim to deliver quality training programs to the rural population of India. The company’s goal is to impart skill–sets to the rural class through their in depth training held at their centres. The training provided by the company is relevant in today’s globalized world that has helped the trained candidates to get jobs. The company’s goals align with the government‘s mission to eradicate unemployment, which makes us their ideal partner in their various welfare initiative programmes run by the Indian government. Some of the programmes in which the company has actively partnered with are -

  • PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana)
  • DDU- GKY
  • NULM

We also have our own employment portal where it is ensured that the trained workforce get adequate employment opportunities in the industries.


Bright Bharat has its own employment portal where candidates looking for job can register on the website and get hired. The website offers employment not only for trained candidate under skill development programme of bright Bharat but for all the candidates that meet the employer’s requirements. The web portal is a good platform for employers, as the number of profiles on the website is in great numbers. The web portal has tie-ups with around 40,000 + companies that make a good probability for the candidates getting hired.


Bright Bharat has its own real estate portal. The company seeks to offers customers to buy and sell property through their own web portal, going to be operational very soon. Unlike other real estate websites, the web portal does not charge any amount from the customers.
On this web portal customers can buy sell any type of property, be it commercial or residential, individual plots or flats. The company has tie-ups with major real estate developers like-

  • Vatika Group
  • Emaar Group
  • Vasant Group


Bright Bharat is on the verge of transforming their dream project of e-mini malls into reality. The project will have 200 and 300 sq. Feet shops. The project will house all the electronic, food and other products under one roof. The project will fulfil almost all the daily shopping needs for the rural population. These mini malls would also house a VR (virtual reality) cafe, a 60 seater auditorium. These mini malls would greatly reduce the need to move to cities to shop. Such mini malls would prove to be of tremendous use to the rural population of the Indian society.


This ambitious project of Bright Bharat is all about giving quality training and education to the rural section of the Indian society. The programme would be conducted on a sprawling intuitional campus of 15000 sq. ft.
The building would have dedicated centre for skill India that is primarily reserved for the government run programmes aimed towards teaching skills to the rural section. The campus would also have spaces for Bright Bharat run paid training centres where an individual can learn skills relevant to their desired job. These paid coaching to the individual ensure that the candidates are given an assured job relevant to their skills learned. The candidates trained would be placed in various shops operating from e-mini malls.


Bright Bharat has ideated a dedicated subsidiary unit that will provide various hosts of services that are required in the corporate sector. Now, even the rural class will have access to the corporate services that are typically confined to the urban cities. This unit would lessen the pain of small and medium business owners who otherwise have to no clear idea where to approach for their business related problems.

The unit would primarily cater to rural businessmen at their dedicated centres named as “global service centre”. The centre would provide various services, out of which some are –

  • GST Registration
  • Intellectual property needs
  • Company registration


Finding adequate vehicles for travel is quite a headache! What if you can hire vehicles that too from your own vicinity? Bright Bharat is aiming to do just this. In this model, a car owner can get his car registered by paying certain amount. The model ensures that the registered cars would get a predefined minimum numbers of booking in month.

The programme would hugely benefit the rural strata of the Indian society.

Our Co-Founder

Mr. Ramesh Grewal is very energetic and highly empowered entrepreneur with professional exposure of over the years in steering multifunctional domains, specialized skills in Project Management, Operation, Skill Development, Social Work, Advocacy Communication, Social Mobilization, Business Development, Brand Management, PR, Strategic Planning, Market Research, Sales Planning/ Execution, Relationship Management and Team Management.

Ramesh Grewal